Practice of Neurosurgery in Bad Homburg

Welcome to the website of the Practice of Neurosurgery in Bad Homburg

Directed by Andreas Frydrych, MD (medical specialist in Neurosurgery), the Practice of Neurosurgery in Bad Homburg offers a wide range of services. We would like to inform visitors to our website about our practice, clinic and its services, and provide useful information about neurosurgery, herniated discs, pain therapy and much more.

Neurosurgery: Finally pain-free, is surgery or pain therapy the right choice for you?
We work using the latest pain therapy methods. Let our team of experts advise you in an extensive consultation. We will find the right methods for you and will relieve you of your pain. At the Practice of Neurosurgery our team of specialists will provide you with an optimal amount of care. In particular, pain caused by a herniated disc can be successfully treated by our Neurosurgeon, Dr. Andreas Frydrych, either through surgery or through pain therapy. Surgery after a herniated disc is required only in the most rare cases and performed only upon strict indication. In most cases, the operation is performed as microsurgery, which is “minimally invasive” and therefore less stressful for our patients.